A huge situation that has been in the media as of recently has been the “Apple Backdoor” and I wanted to explain it to those who don’t know.

Firstly there was a terrorism attack in San Barnardio (California) in December, which then lead the FBI to get involved. The FBI wanted Apple to release a new version of iOS for Apple products which would then allow the FBI to access any Phone which involved the incident in San Barnardio.

Now.. obviously this breaches privacy in Apple products which means that anything you do on your Apple device would be able to be seen by the FBI.. which is ridiculous, however, there would be no need to access anyone elses Apple device unless you were involved in the incident which I very much doubt. My issue is that the option would still be there, to be able to acces anyones phone or tablet without being to do anythig about it.

Apple being the legends that they are said that they wouldn’t create a backdoor to the FBI, reason being that it would be breaking vital security properties of the products meaning that with the correct software, it would be possible to hack into anyones iPhone which is the reason Apple said no.

There is going to be a court case on March 22nd over this and it seems that Apple are in favor to win. Over 40 companies have backed Apple in this case including Facebook and Twitter.

The part that no one talks about in this situation though is Android’s point of view.. They have kept quiet in this case meaning.. have they been approached with the same “backdoor” as Apple did? If so.. will they go through with it?
We don’t know but we’ll just have to see in the coming weeks to see if anything changes.

A link to the customer letter on this situation: