So this time of year has come again! The time that Apple releases a brand new shiny iPhone. This year we have the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but what has changed with it? That is the answer I am going to answer for you today!

Firstly is the design!


Apple have firstly removed the headphone jack, which for a lot of people, can be detrimental to casual usage with the iPhone, They have instead added a second speaker and the functionality to use the new wireless earpods. Most likely you’ll be losing these every 10 minutes but it is still a cool new feature. Although don’t worry headphone users, they do include a Lightning to Headphone connector in the box. Phew.


They have moved the wireless band from underneath the camera to the top of the camera. Not to mention the brand new camera’s. A 12MP Back camera, and then a 7MP front facing camera. The iPhone 7 Plus includes a secondary 12MP camera, to allow for wide angle pictures, a 2x Optical Zoom and a 10x digital zoom. One thing that isn’t mentioned anywhere is the fact that with dual lens cameras, there is also the possibility for 3D pictures, this isn’t a feature YET but may become a feature for the future of the iPhone.

The screen is now 25% brighter than the iPhone 6s meaning it has a higher chance of burning your eyes out than ever before although I really hope it doesn’t do that.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus also includes the brand new A10 Fusion Chip which is a processor that is 2x faster than the iPhone 6.


The big Gimmick with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the wireless Airpods (earphones) that are now twice as easy to lose than previous Apple earphones due to the fact that there is no wires involved, These earphones are connected through bluetooth (which is known to drain the battery). Don’t worry though, headphone manufacturers are already producing wired headphones that connect to the iPhone’s Lightning Port.

And finally! is the brand new iOS 10 Operating System, which is fairly similar to the previous version (iOS 9) only with a few small features.

I will be talking about iOS 10 in another blog post coming soon!