M.2 Storage! Ultra Fast!

M.2 Storage, you’ve probably never heard of it, but it is the future in storage of your files. This brand new technology means that rather than a generic Hard Drive that computers usually have, an M.2 is different. Normal hard drives work just like an vinyl record player, a needle runs along the disk reading the data that is on it. The only real difference with a hard drive in a computer, is that it can write data as well, which is how you are able to create new files on your computer. The picture below demonstrates a record player.

Storage devices have 2 sorts of speeds, a read speed, and a write speed, just by the names you can probably guess which does what.

  • The read speed, is how fast the hard disk can find and show you the data
  • The write speed is how fast your computer can create new files


Below are some results from both a hard drive, solid state drive, and then the M.2 Drive with both read and write speeds.

  • Hard Drive Average Write/Read Speed               50mb/s – 110mb/s
  • Solid State Drive Average Read/Write Speed     250mb/s – 550mb/s
  • M.2 Drive Average Read/Write Speed                1000mb/s – 2000mb/s

(Higher is better)

Keep in mind that even though the M.2 Drives are fast themselves, this doesn’t count the speeds of the Processor and RAM which both help with making the M.2 Faster, not by much though, to prove it to you, we recorded a short video of a Laptop with an i3 Processor with 12GB RAM, alongside an i7 Processor with 16GB RAM. The test concluded that the difference in boot up speed was minimal, however when it came to graphical benchmarking, the i3 struggled, whereas the i7 did fairly better.

Now keep in mind that these laptops don’t have a proper graphics chip, it is only the build in Intel HD, which for high end graphical programs, is not recommended. In the “Heaven Benchmark” tool (which is a free download) the i3 Laptop got around 3 – 4 frames per second, whereas the i7 Laptop got around a constant 7 frames per second. Which to be fair, isn’t brilliant, but for computers of this sort, is pretty good to be fair, considering they don’t have a proper graphics chip.

Below are the results of the test

  • i7 16GB RAM M.2 Drive Boot Time = 9 Seconds 48 Miliseconds
  • i3 12GB RAM M.2 Drive Boot Time = 11 Seconds 50 Miliseconds

So there isn’t much in it for the boot time to be fair, but the more powerful i7 Processor can stand more demanding programs than the i3 as expected.

Both of these laptops are for sale here at G&R Computers the i3 Laptop starting from £375 (additional prices for more RAM) and the i7 Laptop for £599.