What is SysKey?

Recently, one of our customers came in with their computer completely locked with the Windows program called SysKey.

Below is a picture of SysKey, It may not look bad, but once activated, it can be a nightmare to get rid of. Microsoft created this as an added layer of protection to your computer (That’s if a BIOS Password and Windows Password aren’t good enough!).

The most common ways of getting your system hacked is through scam phone calls claiming to be Microsoft, TalkTalk and many others. They may say something along the lines of:

“We believe there is a problem with your computer”

“Your account with us will be terminated”

They may tell you to go to a particular website, which will then allow them to access your computer. The annoying part is.. that it is technically your fault if your computer goes wrong from then on, It would be your fault for giving them permission to access your computer.

This program is commonly used by hackers, once they are in your computer, they will access SysKey and set a password for your computer. They will then offer to remove the password for a price, Please.. Do not pay them any money as although they say they will unlock your system.. they won’t, and they will still have your money ! Bring the computer to a PC Specialist (such as ourselves) and get the SysKey removed with our special tools.

Don’t let ANYONE into your computer unless you can trust them.

If you have let ANYONE into your computer, claiming to be Microsoft, please bring your computer into us, or call us on

01789 299901

Would you let a stranger into your home?