I remember in about 2007 when High Definition (HD) was taking over now.. we are doing the same but with UHD / 4K

The resolution HD is most commonly the resolution of 1024 x 720p and 1920 x 1080p. These are the amount of pixels going across, then down.
4K is at the resolution of 3840 x 2160 which means that you’ll get a much higher quality picture than normal HD. An addition to 4K is the ability of the 120hz screen.

The difference between hz and fps is that hz is a set value on a monitor or TV that cannot go any higher than that value
fps is the amount of frames (still images) every second of a video. TV programmes are set at 24fps whereas TV’s have a maximum of 60hz
Most Video games are rendered at 60fps (this depends on graphical limitations) so sometimes they are rendered at 30fps.
and 4K is going to be at 120fps which is pretty ridiculous.

Then there is HDR (High Dynamic Range.)
Normal cameras usually have a focus option where there is a blur on specific objects due to what the camera is focusing on.
HDR is a new technology where no part of the image is blurred and everything is in focus, this allows for a better viewing experience as you can now focus on whatever you want, still in the same quality.

As good as 4K sounds, there are some bad points though. Firstly 4K TV’s are way too overpriced at the moment, most of them are over £1500 which leads me into my second point, there aren’t any 4K TV programs being aired at the moment, which means you will be buying an overpriced product that you can’t use to it’s best abillity yet. Therefore I believe that before buying a 4K TV you should wait until they are cheaper.

Benefits of 4K:
– Higher Quality
– 120hz Screens

Disadvantages of 4K
– Currently Overpriced
– No 4K Programs being aired

The following is a 4K video on YouTube (Even if you don’t have a 4K monitor, you can still view the video)