G&R Computers recently had to deal with a business which was attacked by a new Crypto-locker virus known as Zepto. They contacted us as soon as they had realized they had been infected and we suggested they disconnected all the computers so it was unable to spread. The virus had come through their e-mails as an attachment of a voicemail. We managed to save the majority of their data although some of their data had been lost before we started working on it. However with our help, we managed to remove the viruses and save the rest of their data.

Remember, BullGuard is a good anti-virus, but it will not stop you from physically opening viruses, so make sure you manage what you download and scan anything that you are suspicious of. Make sure you are expecting an attachment from someone before opening it as it could ruin your day.

Do not forget to do daily virus scans to check for these nasties that could be on your system.