Microsoft To Release The Windows 10 Creators Update!

The time has come again for yet another Windows Update! The Windows 10 Creators Update follows after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, in the way that it is a full upgrade, as opposed to a small update we get every so often. There are some massive changes involved in this update which I will go into more detail a little later. The update is officially released on Tuesday 11th April 2017 and from then, it will probably be rolling out sometime soon to your computer.

What Does The Windows 10 Creators Update Involve?

  • A new Paint program named “Paint 3D” – This will enable you to create pieces of art like Paint was able to, now with a fresh new look with 3D Capabilities.
  • A brand new “Gaming Mode” which will reduce the computers usage of background processes to enhance performance in games
  • Added support for the Microsoft Hololens (Augmented Reality Device)
  • You can now create “Folders” in the Start Menu Tile area.
  • You are now able to purchase books from the Windows Store and read them in Microsoft Edge.
  • Windows Defender has been updated and upgraded (However it is still recommended to get a proper antivirus such as BullGuard or Kaspersky rather than Defender)
  • On-Screen Touchpad has been added.
  • Updated and Upgraded Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Registry Editor now has an Address Bar
  • Better Scaling between Multi-Monitor setups.
  • New “Apps” and “Gaming” tab in Settings
  • Reorganized Settings Menu
  • PCs will no longer have to reboot after turning on Developer Mode
  • Windows Hello now includes real-time face tracking.
  • Ability to stop Windows Updates for 7 days
  • Ability to schedule Windows Updates
  • Added emojis to Microsoft Edge
  • Ability to “Run” programs without saving it in Microsoft Edge.
  • New PDF toolbar in Edge
  • Improved performance in Edge
  • The ability to Import and Export Favorites.
  • Cortana can now, Lock, Restart and Shut down your computer.
  • Cortana can now change the volume on your computer
  • livestreaming is now built in to the game bar.

So as you can tell.. there is a LOT of changes in the Creators Update.

To see more information on the Creators Update, visit the Microsoft website here!

One thing to remember when you get the update. Do NOT turn your computer off by any means while the update is in process. You will risk damaging or even destroying your computer and data in the process. Complete the update and everything should work perfectly fine. If you do have problems with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Bring your computer into us and we will be able to help you out!