Do you have Windows XP? If you do, you should probably think about buying a new computer. Windows XP is 14 years old and no longer supported by Microsoft, which means you won’t get any updates from keeping your system safe and if your system isn’t safe then you have the potential to lose all of your files and personal data. A lot of people say that Windows XP was the best Operating system which in many ways was true, it was quick and easy to use. Another problem is that the hardware inside of your computer will also be very old and due to the rapid growth of technology your computer may not be able to handle doing certain tasks. So rather than wanting to upgrade your operating system, I would strongly suggest buying a brand new computer as the hardware inside the computer will be much more up to date. The problem with upgrading from Windows XP to a newer version such as Windows 7 and Windows 10, would be the fact that there are new features to both which for someone that is used to using XP, may be confusing to learn and get used to.