By now you are probably aware that VR (Virtual Reality) is a pretty big technology that is going to be released in the very near future. This technology is a headset that you put over your eyes so you can experience a virtual world, this could be in a video game, or even training methods. Just think that a surgeon could potentially train by using a headset and a simulation. The headset device uses 2 tiny, high resolution screens that work in the same way that 3D works with the slightly different angles for each eye. There is also headtracking with the headset, so when you move your head left, the simulation will look left as well, this can be useful as it adds a whole new perspective to the world.

As awesome as this is, the downsides are that you are going to need a pretty powerful computer to run these devices. The 2 main brands of VR Technology are called “Oculus Rift” and “HTC Vive” who are the main competitors in the VR Market. Both devices are going to be quite expensive and they are not garenteed to be brilliant, as the first models of anything aren’t usually brilliant, take the first iPhone for example, sure it was a good piece of technology back in the day, but it is really outdated. Ideally if you are planning to buy a VR Headset, you want to wait to see what the reviews for the products are like and then consider getting one.
here are links to both the Oculus and Vive: