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Providing excellent laptop and desktop computer repair to the Stratford Upon Avon area, G & R have built a strong reputation over 15 years of business


Business Computing

We offer a wide variety of business IT solutions, from cloud services to maintenance contracts, get in touch with us to find out more.


Disaster Recovery


Keeping data secure and backed up is of high importance, but it can be easily lost due to physical damage to a storage device or logical damage to a file system, this prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system. Looking for help with data recovery? We can help!


Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal


Not sure if your computer is infected? Run ESET’s trusted and free online scan for yourself and then get in contact with us for a free quote.

Webdesign & SEO Services

We offer responsive website design and bespoke web services

Laptop and Desktop Hardware Repair

Our computer repair services include screen and power jack replacement as well as tailored upgrades

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Computer Repair

G&R Computers are computer repair specialists, we can service your computer, remove viruses, repair hardware, set up your wireless network and upgrade either your computer or laptop. G&R Computers are based in the center of Stratford upon Avon and operate on a no fix no fee basis and welcome personal and business customers who are experiencing problems with their computers.

You will find us in the Minories near Shakespeare’s Birthplace in the heart of Stratford upon Avon. We will look at your computer for free, diagnose the problem and advise you what is required to rectify it before proceeding. If you are unable to visit us then give us a call, we can help you either remotely or we can visit you in your own home.

Virus & Malware Removal

G&R Computers are experts in tracking down Viruses, Trojan Horses, Malware and Worms, which anyone can pick up when they go on the internet, open emails, or documents. G & R Computers have built their reputation on removing 100% of these viruses. Malware includes applications that spy on you, corrupt your data, destroy your hard drive or give control of your machine to someone thousands of miles away.

IT Support Agreement

We can be your outsourced IT department providing proactive computer maintenance, data back up and security; guaranteed response times – response within 30 minutes; we aim to solve 90% of problems the same day; advice and discussion on optimal IT equipment and set up with a fixed monthly fee offering unlimited support. The benefit of using us will give your business more time freed up to win business and provide services due to fewer computer related problems taking up management time and attention, faster working machines and all of your problems fixed promptly without causing delays to your business.

We are introducing our newest data recovery product to our customers! Working in partnership with Dolphin Data Labs to bring you the best data recovery possible. Our new device gives us access to file system within your hard drives even when the hard disk is no longer functioning correctly. This will allow us to be able to retrieve data without opening the hard disk. Our new device allows us to fix both internal and external hard drives. We also have a new device that allows us to recovery data off non functioning USB drives. This will allow us to repair USB drives which are no longer functioning or have been formatted. We have introduced these products to allow us to provide the most efficent and effective in house data recovery.


Data Recovery for Businesses

Data is a crucial aspect of any business, we understand that protecting it is paramount. Data can become corrupted, computer hardware can fail and equipment can even be lost or stolen, meaning your vital information may be lost forever. To prevent this happening within your business, we offer a scheduled daily back up onto highly secure data center site with data encryption in transit and storage. This protects business data against virus attack, hard disk failure, fire and theft. Our clients feel reassured knowing that their data is backed up securely, saving them time and money by allowing them to concentrate on their business.

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Mobile Devices Repairs

Cracked screen? Device not charging? Our team of technicians at G&R are now supporting mobile devices repairs! we now have the facilities in store to be able to support mobile device repairs. Now we have the facilities to repair mobile devices we can perform a large variety or repairs ranging from screen repairs to speaker replacements. Our engineers at G&R computers are also going through constant training in order for us to be able to repair as many different devices as possible. As of now we are supporting the following devices: Iphones/Ipads/Ipods, Android phones and tablets.

Additional Product Support

we are happy to announce that we are now servicing products like IPhones, Macbooks and IPods at G&R. By popular demand, we are now servicing these high-demand products in-house at G&R computers. We now have the facilities and resources which allow us to repair these products. Our technicians are going through constant training to allow us to be able to support a wide range of devices. we are going through a certified training program to allow us to work quickly and efficiently with your devices. Here’s a list of all the devices that we are now supporting: Macbooks/Iphone/Ipad and Ipods.

Screen Repairs

Has your laptop suffered an accident? As laptops become thinner so have the screens, G & R Computers offer laptop screen replacement services for broken, cracked, dim, dead and damaged laptop screens. For further information please contact one of our technicians for advice on 01789 299901.

Tune-ups & Services

Are you fed up with your computer or laptop running slow? Over time your Windows operating system will collect unnecessary files and also programs that run when not needed. During a tune-up G & R Computers will optimize the hard drive, remove unnecessary start-up items, system files, unwanted software and toolbars and install the latest updates. Take advantage of our clean up service and your computer will run at its best. Call us now on 01789 299901 for more information, or bring your computer/laptop to G & R to have a Tune-up or Service.

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G&R Computers, Maintenance and Repair based at: 6 THE MINORIES, Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK. When you visit the shop, you experience a local, reliable and friendly service for all your computer maintenance and repairs for Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area.
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